Plant - Zanzibar Zenzi (dwarf)

Plant - Zanzibar Zenzi (dwarf)

$45.00 AUD

The Zanzibar Zenzi (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) is an exciting new indoor plant that has come to the Australian market in recent years.

Zanzibar Zenzii is a very attractive plant with compact and stylish dark green leaves, short nodes between the leaves gives the plant a unique shape and character, the thicker bowed leaf stems give this ‘little Zanzibar’ that ‘robust’ look.


The Zanzibar Gem is a hardy houseplant, which thrives quite well on neglect. It can be placed in areas with very little light, but its ideal situation is medium to bright indirect light. Avoid direct light as it will burn the plant. The Zanzibar Gem does not require watering that often.