Tea - Sleepy Head
Tea - Sleepy Head
Tea - Sleepy Head

Tea - Sleepy Head

$16.00 AUD

If this tea were a song, it would sing you to sleep! This wonderful hand-blended all organic herbal infusion of lemon balm, calming chamomile and hints of lavender help soothe and calm the senses. Unwind after a hard day as you slowly sip this sweet floral treat.

Ingredients - Organic lemon balm, Organic chamomile, Organic pink rose petal, Organic lavender, Organic cornflowers.

Brewing Instructions - Water temperature is vital to achieving best flavour from your herbal infusions. With dried herbs, flowers and fruits, the hotter, the better, as it helps extract the wonderful oils they hold. Chamomile is an exception, its likes a cooler temperature to bring out its sweetness. 

  • Add 1 tbsp per 200ml 
  • Use 80-90 degree water. Boil water, (ideally, use cold spring water and bring it to a boil), then pour into your brewing vessel and add a good splash of cold water. 

  • Add herbs immediately.

  • Brew 3-5 minutes (The longer the stronger, we like to brew it for 5 minutes)

Loose leaf tea. Caffeine free. 

By TeaEsk.