Candle - White Bubble - Asian Pear & Lily

Candle - White Bubble - Asian Pear & Lily

$24.95 AUD

The Bubble Cube candle is the perfect addition to your home! They add a fun minimalist touch to any room or space.

They come in a range of Colours & fragrances to suit:

Scent: Asian Pear & Lily

Although they can be lit, they are already highly fragranced and their main purpose is as a decorative statement piece. However if you do wish to burn them, please always ensure you have them placed on an appropriate flat heat-resistant candle tray in a draft free area.

As they burn the melted wax will drip down the side and form a pool underneath, once fully melted you can then re-use the melted wax in a burner to get further use out of them!

Size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm 150g, approx, 8 hour burn time

Please note each candle is hand poured so there may be slight imperfections and variations in colour/appearance.