Book - Let’s Change the World

Book - Let’s Change the World

$17.99 AUD

Jump up high and spread your wings. What’s that in the air? Blazing light and whirling wind – green power’s everywhere!

Clean Energy explores the ways in which we use energy, and invites readers to think about alternative energy sources that don’t pollute our planet. From wind and water to sun and heat, there are a multitude of ways in which we can harness energy from nature!     

Let’s Change the World is a series of board books targeted at babies, toddlers and grown-ups that encourages creative play while exploring pressing global issues in a positive, uplifting way. 

'A great way to introduce kids to the many sources of clean energy!' – Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, research leader at the Australian National University and author of Amy's Balancing Act.

By Megan Anderson.